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Erica Langston
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Erica Langston is hot blondie and member of The Bad Girls Club. And now she is in the centre of sextape scandal!

She is very hot girl!

Recently Erica Langston claimed she has threesome sex tape with her boyfriend and another member of the show. As we heard chairman of Vivid preparing press release describing why Erica Langston porn tape video will be the hottest tape ever!

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Update as of 10/28/2010:Erica wanted $200,000 for threesome sextape, and Vivid turned this offer down. So Erica pulled out a new sex tape of her and her boyfriend. This tape is not threesome action, but it's still interesting for Vivid. So you'll see sextape shortly!

Update as of 12/5/2010: Erica has agreed to a deal with Vivid in which a tape will be released in time for Christmas. We will have it in a day of release! Don't forget bookmark us! Happy Christmas with Erica Langston tape!

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